Sortie : 18 January 2016
240 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-36956-031-9

Olivier Auroy

Olivier Auroy has worked for more than twenty years in the field of communication. As Gabriel Malika he has previously published Les Meilleures Intentions du Monde and Qatarina (Intervalles). Au nom d’Alexandre is his third novel.

Au nom d’Alexandre

Alexandre plies a nameless trade—he invents names.

He has named fragrances and missiles, cakes and cars. Even the dog of a billionaire. Some say he even was personal consultant of the pope when he was searching for his identity.
But Alexandre is ill. The end is near.

Intrigued by Alexandre’s surprising calling, a publisher asks a journalist to go to the bedside of the ailing name-giver. She will interview him so as to publish his memoirs. The young woman discovers the adventurous life of this literature-loving genius of a wordsmith. He seems to have named everything. Or almost. She does pick up a few dark corners in his uncommon life. Equally fascinated and puzzled by Alexandre, she is disturbed by an unsettling question—what if Alexandre has simply forgotten to give a name to an essential thing?


“Erudite and inspired, with a fast pace, this excellent novel is a beautiful tribute to Littré and other dictionary writers.” Delphine Peras, L’Express

“This novel feels like a journey. A journey through words and witticisms, puns and games, delving into the nuts and bolts of writing. The ideal book for those who love lexicology and love to lose themselves in a sea of words, in the complexities of the French language, one of the richest with the most complex nuances in the world.» Sophie Adriånseñ, Sophielit

“Throughout my reading, I couldn’t help wondering how Au nom d’Alexandre managed to be so absolutely apposite, sparkling, hilarious, moving and cathartic.” Christian Gatard, Géographie du futur

“Anecdotes and inventive twists and turns in the narrative tremendously enrich this crazy and eventful story, modestly revealing, speaking to the heart and mind.” Notes Bibliographiques