Published : 8 November 2006
244 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-916355-05-4


Tokyo Love Hello

One of the greatest British photographers exhibit for the first time his intimate vision of Tokyo, a incomprehensible city that however became like a second home for him.

“When I started photographing in Tokyo I had no book in mind. (…) Back in those days my core subjects were elsewhere; the developing world. Africa and Afghanistan, such places (…) and of course my homeland, England.
Things changed when I met my wife, Miyako Yamada. (…) A lot. Life got better and far more complicated, as it does when you fall hopelessly in love. I now had a compelling reason for being in Japan and for photographing Japan, wanting to understand a place that had suddenly given me so much.
I started with a large project on Mount Fuji (…); later, when I brought my other Japanese material together as an archive, some images emerged, insisting on my attention and interacting, in some indeterminate way, with other images from Tokyo, in a manner that felt like the beginnings of a book.
This process had a strong echo of what happened with a book I made much earlier in my career, in the 80's, The Pleasure Principle. (…)
The book is about Tokyo, my Tokyo, a personal vision.”

Chris Steele-Perkins