Published : 13 June 2016
144 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-36956-036-4

La Porte de la mer

As Alger is out of control, Amina can only count on her own skills to make it and provide for her two brothers and her son. Night life is her only escape, enabling her to survive and contemplate a better life. It is also a stark reminder of the power plays at work within the Alger society—at the risk of losing her soul.

From Alger to Kabylie, Béjaïa’s famous Sea Port or the outskirts of Paris, Amina is intent on surviving the hardships of contemporary Algeria, a country destroyed by corruption and accommodations of all sorts. Impossible passions and love for sale are the young woman’s lot, guided by the honest friendship of an uncompromising journalist. She plunges her gaze in the ‘deep blue slumber of the waves’ and gradually finds she can hope again.


“A novel named freedom.” Mohamed Aouine

“With a style of disconcerting simplicity and accuracy, Youcef Zirem takes a relentless look at the broken springs of society.” Hamid Arab, Le Matin

“A moving tragic story in a torn Algeria that seeks itself.” Brahim Saci