Sortie : 21 August 2014
192 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-36956-003-6

Mikaël Hirsch

Mikaël Hirsch is a French writer born in Paris in 1973. Two of his novels were shortlisted for the Femina Prize (Le Réprouvé, L’Éditeur, 2010 and Avec les hommes, Éditions Intervalles, 2013). After Notre-Dame des Vents (2014), Libertalia Mikaël Hirsch’s third novel for Éditions Intervalles.

Notre-Dame des Vents

Our Lady of The Winds

During the huge French strikes of 1995, a biologist is sent to the Kerguelen Islands to study the impact of global warming. As well as experiencing geographic isolation reinforced by the scale of the social movement on the mainland, there she will discover a place shaped by literature, and meet a technician who is an important strand in the intelligence web.

At the same time, could the development of a spy satellite and the sudden resumption of French nuclear tests in the Pacific be mere coincidences? Or are these seemingly unrelated events part of a much wider secret, an echo chamber for the ghosts of the Cold War?

Combining scientific reality, a story of exploration and a fantasy tale, Mikaël Hirsch revisits the tradition of sea-going adventure novels, following in the footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne.