Sortie : 23 May 2013
320 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-91635-585-6

David Doma

David Doma was born in Paris in 1972. After a Master of Literature, he travelled around the world and published short stories in several prestigious magazines. His first novel, L’Inconnue (The Stranger), was published in 2008. His second novel, La Nuit des secrets, is built on 4 years of in-depth historical research about WW2. His mother and grandparents, of Central European Jewish origins, survived through the German occupation of Paris. He lives in London.

La Nuit des secrets

The Night of the Secrets

Isaac Golder is a worldwide famous writer who has built his literary glory on a lie.

Aged 82, he publicly admits having stolen his breakthrough novel to his first love, a young Jewish women who’s been deported to Ravensbrück in 1943, survived but disappeared ever since the end of the War.

As the scandal spreads throughout the world, a young Argentinian, the son of a German officer in Ravensbrück, starts exchanging letters with the fallen literary star in a quest to brighten the shadows of his family’s past.

Along these letters, many masks seem to crack, revealing troubled identities and hidden secrets. In the end, those who thought they had escaped their past have to face their fate at last.