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Published : 13 March 2007
144 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-916355-11-5


India Notes

The greatest Indian photographer, a member of Magnum since 1977, shares his vision of India, through all its excesses, on the rythm of the odes written by Tiziano Terzani, one of the rare Westerners who got that close to the intimate reality of the subcontinent.

India notes is a dialogue between two wonderful visions of India. The one of a Westerner in love with the country (with all the complexity that such a feeling can carry) and the one of a local who spent his life reporting on such a huge territory and its recent changes.

From these two « commitments », a troubling alliance arises, sometimes funny, sometimes choking, or just amazingly seductive. Raghu Rai’s pictures show India in all its dimensions, a country of sharp contrasts and fast changes, on which some immemorial culture and a certain sense of spirituality seem to glide.

The texts written by Tiziano Terzani (extracts from his best-selling book, Un altro giro di giostra) are like a passionate ode to this enigmatic territory.