Published : 4 January 2016
256 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-36956-024-1



EuroBus is a series of photographs examining the place of anonymously authored, mobile artworks in the vernacular of European graphic design.


« A man cycling at full speed to catch up with a tourist bus and take a picture of its flank. The scene may sound unusual, but it takes place every morning and evening in Paris: it’s Taylor Holland’s little fad… » Lauren Provost, Huffington Post

« One question these pieces bring to mind: how much of the world are we missing simply by not looking close enough? They seem to say that if only we open our eyes and minds to being more observant we can witness far more art, design and beauty in our daily lives. It seems like a good daily practice, one that Holland is both participating in and helping others learn through his photographs. » Benjamin Starr, Visual News