Sortie : 9 May 2011
96 pages
N° ISBN : 978-2-91635-557-3

Jean Szlamowicz

Jean Szlamowicz is a linguist and a teacher at Paris IV-Sorbonne. He attended Ecole Normale, is a Professseur Agrégé in English and  a translator.  His  researches  focus on  intonation,  translation technics,  music and  analysis  of speech.

Détrompez-vous !

Don't be mistaken !

Stéphane Hessel’s strange indignations deciphered by a french linguist.

The selective indignations of Stéphane Hessel, the new media icon, have spread without any control nor proof.

As a very saint of trendy activism, he utters his anathemas and for his followers, each of his imprecations transforms itself in a revealed truth. Thus the imperative indignation becomes authority for everybody.

Countertruths, exagerations, maudlin emphasis… Using the compassionate dimension of human rights up to the core, Stéphane Hessel confides in unfounded assertions. The old indignated man only keeps trotting the scandalous pearls of the djihadist strategy out.

Jean Szlamowicz deciphers the processes of Hessel’s argumentation imposture, submitting each rhetorical scheme to the proof of facts. Is it still time for reason to re-establish the truth facing the media havoc of a preach which virulence fuels a dangerous indignation?